Introducing The WAVEAEROSPACE Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

A revolutionary new UAV design that enables today’s first responder UAV pilot to be on scene much faster, stay on station much longer, search much larger areas, and carry much more emergency payload than ever before in any weather.

Why WaveAerospace?

  • First Responders and Emergency Management

    All-weather capability, superior speed can get eyes on a fire, accident or other situation faster, whenever needed. High endurance and optional tethering for extended observation. High payload capacity for lighting, sensors communications equipment.

  • Search and Rescue

    Long range, all weather capability ideal fit for searches in difficult terrain or at sea.

    Payload available for flotation and communications gear.

    Best in class lighting payloads to aid human search teams.

  • Utilities

    Long range ideal for routine transmission line or pipeline inspection, parts delivery to distant off-shore wind towers.

    All-weather capability, superior speed and lighting can get eyes on storm damage faster

  • Maritime

    Fly in high headwinds day or night to inspect ship or cargo while underway.

    Payload for meaningful re-supply and mail call

Our Tech

  • Our patented hybrid design allows the multicopter pilot access to far more lift and thrust than that produced by the rotors themselves:

  • Speed: Hover to 250 MPH

  • Duration: Up to 120 minutes

  • Weather: All Precipitation. Wind up to Force 7
  • Operation: Pilots with large multi-copyter experience will need no additional training

  • Payload: Up to 100lbs emergency supplier plus. Carries most off the shelf or custom sensor packages

  • Night Operations: Best in class searchlight
  • Control Architecture: DJI and Pixhawk versions available

Aircraft Design Specifications

Falcon 2 Falcon 2 Hybrid
Type All Electric Jet-A1
Max Thrust 100 Lbs 300 Lbs
Empty Weight 25 Lbs / 11.3 kgs 50 lbs / 22.6 kgs
Max Takeoff Weight 60 Lbs / 27.2 kgs 250 Lbs / 113.4 kgs
Optional Light 50,000 Lumens 200,000 Lumens
Optional Identification Mode Mode S Transponder Mode S Transponder